All you need to know about the changes to the Cuba travel restrictions from June 5th 2019.

Travel to Cuba from Australia with Experience Cuba Tours

It is important to know that it is still legal to travel to Cuba via the USA, and even with a US passport, after the June 2019 Cuba travel restrictions you may have read about. The question is: how?

This article explains what you need to know about these changes in regulations and how they will affect travel to Cuba. Remember even with these new restrictions, we can still help you plan a trip to Cuba travelling directly from the USA. Find out how or keep reading for more info.

What were the updates to the Cuba Travel Policy?

As of the 5th June 2019, the White House and OFAC put into effect changes to travel & regulations, that limit the ways you can travel to Cuba from the USA. You can no longer travel to Cuba as groups under the “People to People” for educational activities category like you could previously.

However, you CAN still travel to Cuba under the remaining travel Categories!

And yes, you can still travel to Cuba directly from the USA!  You need certain documentation in addition to your passport, and you need to make sure your trip meets the USA regulations.

Our tours (Experience Cuba Tours) created for OFAC travel meet the requirements under the “Support for the Cuban People” category.

What this means for the future of Cuba travel?

It is no longer possible to travel to Cuba as groups under the “People to People” travel category, which affects the ability to take cruises to Cuba and any other travel declared under that category. American cruise ships are no longer able to dock in Cuba. However, as mentioned above you can still travel with Experience Cuba Tours under the “Support for the Cuban People” category.

There is a chance that tighter restrictions can follow, but we feel that is unlikely to happen in the immediate future. So now is the time and don’t miss out on seeing Cuba before it’s too late.

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