Our tour and holiday line created  exclusively for our high end market customers who want only the best in Cuba. Travel with comfort and style with our VIP Cuba Tours hand-crafted  by us specially for you.

Our passion and immense knowledge of Cuba calls on you to step beyond your room and immerse into the Cuban lifestyle, in a way that suits you personally.

Our VIP Cuba tours incorporate a mix of the best hotels, apartments and villas that Cuba has to offer.

Transport is allocated accordingly to your requirements and preference. You can select from the renowned Cuban Classic Vintage American Cars, (hardtop and convertibles) to modern cars and minivans such as Mercedez Bens and Audi.

Our most experienced guides will provide you with a very personalised, attentive and passionate service and an in-depth look into Cuban life from someone who lives it.

Your Cuban experience begins with a conversation.

Whether you want inspiration and guidance in planning your VIP Cuban adventure, or need help with an existing booking, please contact us to discuss your VIP Cuba Tour with Experience Cuba Tours!