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A bit abut our Cuba accommodation. Casa Particulares are the equivalent to guest-houses, B&B’s or home-stays. They are family run businesses that are legal and formalised to provide accommodation to foreigners in Cuba.

They are much nicer than general Cuban homes, but they can seem a bit rustic and bare compared to what most international travellers are used to back home. They are generally well maintained and run by pleasant hosts as they rely on word of mouth for much of their business.

Experience Cuba uses premium Cuba accommodation as their entry level, with private bathrooms and air conditioning. We handpick these accommodations from our most trusted contacts to ensure you have a safe and happy holiday while getting a taste of real native hospitality and cooking.

Cuba as a developing country is subject to power outages and it is common to have low water pressures in the showers and sinks. It might also occur for hot water services to not be present.

If understanding and expectations are kept in check staying at Casa Particulares is a very personal and pleasurable way to accommodate yourself in Cuba.

We provide premium  and superior casas (guesthouses, B&Bs or home-stays), and for more comforts, we offer private self-contained apartments, villas with pools and other hing-end accommodations, allowing you to indulge in a unique experience.  We offer as well hotel stays, for those who prefer a more conventional stay in Cuba.

Contact us if you require more information and details regarding our Cuba accommodations.

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