Travel Tips

In this section you will find Cuba travel tips and handy links. We provide our clients who book a tour with us, a more detailed information package with lots of practical advice.

Cuba Travel Tips

Remember to consider the local customs, culture and traditions.
Be thoughtful to the environment, dispose of litter properly, it is precious.
If shopping consider to buy locally made produce.
Ask permission before taking photos of people and places.
Always carry photo identification with you (not your original passport, scans are generally accepted).
Be aware of where your valuables are at all times, especially if travelling on public transport.
Consider home stays (casas particulares) for an authentic experience.
Keep in mind lack of Internet and its low quality in Cuba.
Remember the dual currency system! Learn the difference between Convertible Pesos and Moneda Nacional.
If travelling from or to the U.S.A., regardless of your nationality, be aware of the current regulations that you will need to meet. Call us for more information.
Take different ways to access money and funds, so that way you do not have too much cash on your possession but do not solely rely on access to ATM’s or card services. Take some cash, some credit cards, some debit cards.
If you are curios and want to know what Cubans really think about politics, Fidel Castro and communism and society, ask, but don’t be too insistent about such conversations.
Learn about tipping in Cuba and the differences between people who own their own business and those who work for the state. For example, a taxi on the meter usually works for the state and a tip is appropriate; most taxis don’t have a meter as they are privately owned and paying your fare, which you should negotiate in advance and where no tip is expected. Similarly, the casa particular hosts wouldn’t expect a tip, but if they employ cleaning staff a tip is always a nice gesture.
Tip waiters, hotel cleaners and baggage carriers, car park attendants, toilet attendants and tour guides.

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