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Experience Cuba Pty Ltd is a family business and an Australian Registered Company, proudly Australian and Cuban owned and operated, so you know we understand you and your needs when you book one of our signature Cuba holiday packages.

Experience Cuba local tour guides possess University degrees and Bachelor degrees in various subjects, they all have the required licenses and permits issued by the Cuban government to provide their services as professional tour guides, and have a high-level command of the English language.

Additionally, we provide all our team with induction into the company, training, workshops and study materials. Our guides have passed and continue to meet checks, quality controls and procedures that are in place to ensure the delivery of high quality standards of services that they have consistently provided and are expected of them.

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Meet our guides

Yandy, on of our Cuba local guide.

After finishing high school, I started college to become an engineer; but it wasn't my thing. Music and art came into my life so I moved to a Bachelor Degree in History of Art, and it became my passion. I started learning English by myself, watching movies and listening to music. I consider myself a people’s person, so working in the tourism sector became a great opportunity to apply my knowledge, share about the Cuban culture and meet new people.My goal is to provide a great experience in Cuba for our customers and at the same time create a friendly environment for a cultural exchange.

Laura Cuban Local Guide

When I was a child I wanted to be a dancer. Later in college I was getting ready to be an architect like my Mum, but against every prognostic I fell in love with Economics. Teaching Salsa became my hobby, learning about buildings and their history my passion, and learning about making businesses my career. I love to meet and talk to new people, exchanging stories and culture, so learning English and working in tourism came naturally to me. My goal is to provide everything our clients need in order to generate their own unique experience in this magical island.

Yonlay Local Cuba Guide

In 2014 I obtained my Bachelor Degree in History of Art. I am an artist, a Curator and an art critic. I have a particular interest in the most recent Cuban History, from the revolutionary period onwards, the lives and biographies of various grand Cuban personalities, and the urban legends without historical registry.
After Havana (my hometown), Cienfuegos is my favorite Cuban city, because of its strict rationality in the urban distribution and cleanness.

Laynet Luna Manager of Experience Cuba Tours

Hi, my name is Laynet Luna. I have a bachelor degree in graphic design. I am a very curious person, and I like to know a about anything and everything. I talk a lot, especially if it is about something I enjoy like history, culture and art of my country.

My favorite city of Cuba is Trinidad, it is a small town but so very much alive, and it has so much history.

Cesar Cuba local guide

My name is Cesar Antonio Suarez, I'm 23 years old and I am about to obtain a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science. I love outdoor activities like horse riding, snorkeling, or just walking around. I'm very curious about all that surrounds us, that's why I enjoy architecture and history. I used to work as a bartender so I also know a bit about Cuban cocktails and the history behind them.
These are some of the reasons why I work as a guide for Experience Cuba, also because it is a unique opportunity to share and have an unorthodox perspective of what my country really is... Come with us and I will show you.

Yoamis local Cuban guide

My name is Yoamis Cantero and I´m a very friendly and happy person. I love
to be a tour guide because I really enjoy interacting with foreigners and show
them the landscapes and attractions of our country, as well as to talk about our
wonderful history and culture.
That is the best way to show the world the value of Cuban people.

Gaby cuban local guide

Hi, my name is Gabriela, but everybody calls me Gaby. In 2017 I got my degree in Industrial Design, and although design is my passion, I also love the history of my country, the architecture, the music and the people. I would love to have the opportunity to provide an insight to all that beauty our customers can enjoy while visiting Cuba.

Yuniesky Cuba local guide

My name is Yunieski Mariño and I come from the far east of the country, from a very tiny town. I studied Fashion and Costume Design at the Superior Institute of Design (ISDi), where I currently teach Basic Design. I like listening to music, any type of music, particularly classic rock, jazz, gospel, lyrical, indie and Cuban “trova”.
If we put these things together: good music, a couple of coffee cups and super friends, the result will be my favorite hobby.

Leticia Cuban local guide

My name is Leticia Duverger and I am 21 years old. I love English language and I adore my country, which is why I enjoy so much my work as a tourist guide.
I am one of those who think that Cuba and the Cuban people have a lot to offer. I take trips in a didactic and fun way, always looking for the cultural interaction: learning from both sides.
From previews experiences, I have tons of good memories and as well my clients, who have become my friends. My number one goal is to allow every person that comes to visit my beautiful country to create unforgettable experiences.

Beberli Cuban local tour guide

Hi, I am Beberli and I am a 39 years old. I am a proud Cuban who loves his country deeply. I’m talkative and friendly as all Cubans that you meet on the street. Cuba has recently become an attractive destination for tourism because of its weather, culture and hospitality among others and it is my goal to share with you all the greatness this country has to offers. My favorite city in Cuba is Matanzas, but I love all the others as well.

Alejandro Cuba local guide

Hello, my name is Alejandro but you can call me Ale for short. I'm 25 years old and I have been working with ECT since the very beginning. I'm a civil engineer with a hunger for knowledge and I can share mine with you in our Experience Cuba tours' if you join me in a travel to discover our reality beyond the stereotypes. I hope to see you around soon. Thanks.

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