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We promise our travellers that we will do our absolute best to show them every side of this beautiful country, from the perspective of those who know it best. Ours tours offer accommodation in “casas particulares”, local home-stays, with private facilities and ensuites at your disposal. We handpick these accommodations from our most trusted contacts to ensure you have a safe and happy holiday while getting a taste of real native hospitality and cooking. For those guests looking for a more traditional accommodation package we also offer upgrades to premium home-stays, private apartments, luxurious villas and hotels for the ultimate pampered getaway.




  • International flights to or from Cuba.
  • Travel insurances for Cuba.
  • The tourist card/visa we provide is for a period of 30 days and can be used once within 180 days of the date of issue. It is available only for the citizens of certain countries that meet requirements. Refer to our T&Cs for details



Experience Cuba tour guides possess Bachelor Degrees in many various subjects, they all have the required licenses and permits issued by the Cuban government to provide their services as professional tour guides, and have a high level command of the English language. We provide all our team with induction into the company, training, workshops and study materials. Our guides have passed and continue to meet checks, quality controls and procedures that are in place to ensure the delivery of high quality standards of services that are expected of them.





Casa Particulares (home-stays, B&B’s or guest-houses) are family run businesses that are legal and formalised to provide accommodation to foreigners in Cuba.

Much nicer than general Cuban homes they can seem quite rustic and bare compared to what most international travellers are used to back home. They are generally well maintained and run by pleasant hosts as they rely on word of mouth for much of their business. Experience Cuba utilises premium accommodations as their entry level, with private bathrooms and air conditioning. Cuba as a developing country is subject to power outages and it is common to have low water pressures in the showers and sinks. It is also common for the shower to be electric.

If understanding and expectations are kept in check staying at Casa Particulares is a very personal and pleasurable way to accommodate yourself in Cuba.

We provide premium  and superior home-stays, and for more comforts, we offer private self-contained apartments and villas, allowing you to indulge in a unique experience.  We offer as well hotel stays, for those who prefer a more conventional stay in Cuba.





The transport system in Cuba is in many ways different to anywhere else in the world. We (Experience Cuba) are restricted in a large way by the local transport laws. We use privately owned transport with approved licences to provide taxi services to tourists and the state-owned transport services of TRANSTUR, the only inter-provincial taxi provider in Cuba. The privately-owned transports vary between classic vintage cars (hardtop and convertible) and more modern models of cars, all in good condition. It is not law in Cuba for cars to be fitted with seat belts and neither is it against the law to use a mobile phone while driving. This is not condoned or encouraged by Experience Cuba but when travelling to other countries it is customary to abide by the local laws.



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Casas particulares, are family run businesses that are licensed to provide accommodation to foreigners.



Apartments and Villas


Looking for more comforts? Choose Apartments or Villas  stays, and indulge in a unique experience.



Hotel Programs


 Tour services provided by hotels. Experience Cuba in a more conventional way.


Airport Transfers


We provide with our tours, airport transfers on arrival and departure, in a range of transports.




Our tours contain many different options for daily tours, activities, excursions and events.



Tourist Cards/Visas


Tourists visiting Cuba, need to obtain a tourist 'visa' named: Cuban Tourist Card. We can arrange them.







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